Streethockey fields, Inline references

Streethockey, In-line rinks

Supported sports

streethockey, inline hockey

Delivery (dimension 52 x 26 m)

  • streethockey rink (delivery + installation)
  • working drawing plans

Preliminary work

pavement (asphalt-concrete is the best) with minimum size 53 x 28 m. If there is no pavement, we can built it (final layer 4 cm ABS, 4 cm ABJ).

facilities(necesary to get licence)

  • Streethockey goals
  • Protecting railing - Spectator's protection(gloved galvanized)
  • Roofed spare man's benches(incl. trainer benches)

According to your wish we can deliver, clocking, lighting, sound system, stands, protecting glasses etc.

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